The overall objective of the Institute is to support SMEs at different stages of their innovation projects and technological modernization facilitating access to different lines of grants and soft loans granted by the main sources of funding.

Specific objectives

  • • Analysis of alternatives and design an action customized to the company.
  • • Linking technology with science and technology institutions.
  • • Identification and development of potential projects framed in lines of available financing.
  • • Project Formulation and assistance in the implementation phases.

Preliminary stage:

  • • Generate and promote areas of business information through seminars, courses, communications, meetings, clinics, etc.
  • • We contribute to identify problems or needs guiding the search for adaptable solutions with the size and position of the company.
  • • Provide constantly updated about the different lines of financing offers that are available.
  • • We help to determine whether there may be a consistent and viable project, analyzing different ideas and alternatives, searching the frame with one of the available credit lines.
  • • Facilitate the maturation process, clarification of ideas and interests and enrichment of the project to achieve a presentation with extremely high chances of approval.

Project Formulation stage:

  • • We have an experienced interdisciplinary team of project formulation consisting of qualified professionals in the field.
  • • Formulate a project with the best quality and form, fulfilling the agreed work schedule and the deadlines required.
  • • Assist in the search and selection of required professionals according technological profile of the project, in case of being necessary.
  • • We help organizations manage links with national scientific and technological system to access the knowledge necessary to achieve a successful project implementation.

 Stage Execution of the Project:

  • • Provide information about the legal requirements for signing the contract with the financial organism.
  • • Cooperate with the company in consultations referred to the ideal implementation of the Plan Tasks proposed in the project
  • • Facilitate the communication between the company and the organism of financing carrying out the consultations or corresponding claims.
  • • Assist the company in the assembly and presentation of partial and final project Renditions

Director of I.G.P.T.P.

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