The energies considered renewable, are those that allow us to use a natural resource without exhausting it, that’s why are renewed, we have several possible sources and FUNDESCO are available to different groups of companies, individuals, universities and government to develop training and assistance in different projects for the current change.

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Solar energy allows us to take advantage of the sun as an energy source and can be used for generating electricity, heat water and can even produce cold into something that is currently being investigated.



Photovoltaic  solar energy,  enables  us to produce electricity with sunlight, in this sector FUNDESCO can develop training courses from engineering to installation of domestic or industrial plants and develop studies and projects of feasibility with the best professionals.
Thermal: The thermal solar energy, allows to produce heat to warm up water by means of the elaboration of a specific installation for such effect. With this, we can be able to almost reduce the fossil fuel consumptions in a 50% following the zone.   FUNDESCO offers courses for the qualification of the necessary professionals for the development and installation of this technology and also makes the necessary studies for companies or public organisms to optimize the facilities.



Wind energy allows us to take advantage of the wind in order to take energy; our country has one of the best places in the world for the quantity and quality of the winds in the southern zone while keeping a constant production.


FUNDESCO collaborates developing the necessary projects and the training of the staff to carry out this type of facilities.







Biomass energy is that one which is produced with organic matter that can come from crops of different types of crops, organic matter of animal and organic waste of all kinds. This material is then used by a biological transformation to produce energy. FUNDESCO develops the necessary projects for giving effect to these facilities and training of professionals that should install and maintain them,  advising the companies and people who must decide on investment.







In those last years, development countries has taken conscious about saving energy  knowing that its necessary  to have facilities and more efficient products energetically.


In each sector there is a similar reality  and different at the same time for each activity, we separate industrial, commercial and domestic activities. FUNDESCO collaborates to perform energy audits, with the best professionals and providing technological solutions to make the necessary changes to those savings.


At the same time, it carries out courses for training these professionals.


Industrial Sector

The industrial sector, with the growth of the energy prices which happens to be a major cost in its results, demand solutions saving amortizable technology in short and medium terms. FUNDESCO collaborates with industries to conduct audits and to show the necessary solutions to improve facilities and the costs of consumption. Here involves factors of how built the plant with its insulation, if you use compressors, lighting, processes, etc. We work in the industrial sector as in the agricultural livestock

for the efficiency of the installations.

Commercial Sector

This sector includes to the SMEs and commercial buildings of offices and public buildings where the electric consumption are elevated generating a large expenditure for them.

FUNDESCO collaborates in the energy audits to know exactly where are these losing energy and how to correct them.

Also with training courses for the maintenance and analysis of deviations in each facility. 

Domestic Sector

In today's reality of rising energy prices, households are also important sources of high consumption.

If these consumptions are optimized, the inhabitants of these houses and also the whole society, will be favor, because the costs affecting the highest peaks of demand, would decrease

Efficiency in homes is given by the insulation, lighting and power generation equipment such as stoves, water heaters, air conditioners and appliances in general.


FUNDESCO collaborates  with courses for professionals  who  want to venture into this niche business that can advise and install more efficient equipment



Our environment is being punished by countless polluting factors. The reality for this change begins with healthy habits of environmental care, in relation to waste and forests primarily for keeping them as a natural source of oxygen.


Also the maintenance of natural ecosystems for the maintenance of plant and animal species.


In this sector we separate the part of Waste and Forestry.


Forest sector

This sector is very sensitive, because it is the base to be able to maintain the natural sources of oxygen and the protection of the animal species which balance those ecosystems.

FUNDESCO collaborates with public and private agents in order to dictate courses that are necessary for environmental impact studies or environmental education campaigns for different sectors, and carry out the corrective measure for reforestation and sustainable and viable form.

Waste Sector

Humans generate a lot of waste in all activities we develop. To consume what we have, we produce in the waste industry and then also, in our usual consumption where are factors of very large pollution.

We need to have conscious of this situation and remediate; or our planet is going to die.


In this section we make a separation between industrial waste and solid urban waste.


Industrial Waste

The wastes of this type have, in many cases dangerous content. Therefore each industry requires environmental impact studies and knowledge of ways to alleviate and treat these wastes.


In FUNDESCO we perform environmental  audits to look for ways to really know each situation and provide technological solutions to treat, for this reason  we trained professionals with the necessary courses according to the needs of each sector.


Solid Urban Waste

There is a very serious reality in Latin America and is that 90% of solid urban waste, are untreated, taking along with Africa, many open-air dumps, outbreaks of infectious and respiratory diseases.

FUNDESCO collaborates with municipalities to remedy this situation by giving environmental  analysis and the contribution of feasible solutions for each case. Also, along with manufacturers of technologies, we develop training courses, necessary to maintain plants that treat such waste.





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