For schools, institutions and businesses is essential to the development of an adequate system to assess and certify whether the participants in their educational programs have acquired the skills and knowledge imparted.

In the case of professionals in search of employment that aspire to be competitive in the labor market, obtaining Certifications that demonstrate their level of expertise and capabilities, becomes a powerful tool and also for the companies, means a guarantee count with experienced professionals and certified expertise.


With the aim of giving an answer to all of these needs in the field of education and labor, from FUNDESCO we have developed a series of tools for the integral development of all kinds of tests that require certification of an efficient, quick and adapted to each organization.

The professional certification is the confirmation that a person has a certain capacity or professional knowledge for certain occupational fields defined by a public or private entity specializing in a sector and recognized by the market or by legislation and helping to facilitate the employability, provide employment and educational mobility, increase competitiveness and productivity, streamline and guide plans of education and training, among others.

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