In the era of the knowledge society, data and information has a main role in the decision making of the different organizations. Thus, the BI (Business Intelligence) deals with different techniques, processes and tools in order to transform data into information and information into knowledge so that organizations can make more efficiently decisions. Then, the data of organizations become of great importance and they must be "care" and effectively managed, becoming one of the most important assets of the company. And this is where the discipline data management (Data Management) comes into play.



Provide the community interested in these topics, training, lectures, events, surveys and research that can contribute to the growth of individuals and working groups related to these disciplines.

General objectives:

• Generate interest groups in Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Management (DM).

• To promote the disciplines of Data Management and Business Intelligence in various fields.

• Establishing good practices.

• Generate content of interest to the community.

• To promote research and innovation in these disciplines.

• Provide training in different types related to BI and DM.

• To prepare professionals with the necessary skills for Data Management and Business intelligence can set standards on the market.

• Helping to level consulting their teams Business Intelligence and Data Management.


DirectorIng. Pablo Cigliuti



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