The first part of FUNDESCO motto "Teaching of technology, Technology of education” defines the concern about the plans and programs for the transmission of knowledge and experience to properly use the technology.

Before the advent of the Internet, computer technology was used in organizations for their own benefit. If a system was not well designed or programmed, the organization sought the correction of errors.

However, the emergence and success of the Internet has meant that organizations put applications available to people as unscrupulous and often do not work as they should work.

The phrase "the system has fallen" was so often pronounced that today is already considered as a cause of "force majeure" and, therefore, not even claims.

To ensure that there are "alternative systems" to serve the public to a contingency, message clarity that are exposed to dialogue with users, more quantity and quality of pre-deployment testing and punishment for those who do not take these precautions,

FUNDESCO will have the participation of a director to represent the Association in Defense of the Users of Information Systems (ADUSI, currently in training).

Director: Dr.Carlos Acquistapace

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