acNOVA - Online Training Institute, created by FUNDESCO, offers online training courses, through our Virtual Classroom Courses. Participants interact through programs online (Internet) which gives them a great flexibility in terms of times and geographical location.


acNOVA Online Training Institute: Objectives

  • •           Contribute to the comprehensive training of the student        
  • •           Pursue the high performance
  • •           Learning motivation
  • •           To Foster communication between students
  • •           Work on active listening
  • •           To contribute to proper time management

 Courses modalities:

100%Online Courses

Online Paths

Virtual Classroom - Webconference

Through our acNOVA campus, at your own pace, available 24 hours. Video material, audio and evaluations.

Comprehensive, complete and with different modalities of participation training.

The ideal solution Videoconferencing scheduled. It interacts with online students. Only a good Internet connection is required. 




 100% Online courses.

Features: The courses consist of Audio Material, video and documentation available 24 hours a day. Performance evaluations. Students Community. Certification by completing 80% of evaluations.

•    Courses are made under international standards of training. This means that meet all necessary    standards to guarantee optimal development and learning.

•    Are fully developed online. Available content by accessing to our platform

•    These contents, depending on the course, are composed of material video, audio and text, with a dynamic and effective learning.

•    Partial evaluations on each of the topics proposed.

•    We also have scheduled on selected topics of the videoconferences course. (Depending on the course)

•    Support of tutors and experts. Our technical support is available for any problems you might have or query.


Some of the applications that are used in online courses are: lessons, documents download; personal notes, calendar, resources, bibliography, messages, exercises, discussion forums; social networking, sharing documents with your teachers, thematic forums and group participation.

Training paths.

Features: Blended courses: combine different tools to provide comprehensive training courses. Courses are integrated through our acNOVA campus, classroom and through videoconferences.

An example of path is being done in the course of Community Manager (Manager social networks). The contents are developed in two courses. One online, through acNOVA Campus that is related to the social approach and the other through the virtual classroom or videoconference room.

In this way we integrate different tools and interact with students to achieve fast, comfortable and with excellent learning results.

Virtual Classroom - Webconference

FUNDESCO has a videoconference room with ADOBE technology through which there are courses online with scheduled dates.

Videoconferencing presentiality provides interaction and the development of the courses. Exchange of views, doubts resolution, real interaction with their peers ... .are just some of the objectives of scheduled videoconferencing.

Enhance communication at meetings, taking advantage of the benefits offered via Internet videoconferencing.

In our courses with scheduled video conferences, we use a communication tool that will allow you to have training sessions (classes or lectures) distance synchronously (live) and asynchronous (on demand), when it is decided by the mere fact have Internet access.

Access to the service is 100% transparent for those attending a class or conference can connect to the system with the simple fact of having an Internet connection, a user account and password. The classes are recorded for students who could not attend will not miss a minute of training. They can enter to see the kinds of course even after completion.

 Directora: Anl. Mary Dana
Linkedin: /mdcapacitacion
Fb: marydana10

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