Hello friends of computer science, ¿how are you ..?

I do not know if you are aware about the 111.000 Project that, at the head of the Secretary of Technological and Productive Services of the Argentine Ministry of Production, is carrying forward a friend, Mr. Carlos Pallotti, who has been recognized in the last years in the Private field and also he is at the head of CESSI and Argencon.

The Project itself is working hard, in order to generate in four years, one hundred thousand of technical programmers, ten thousand of computer scientists (engineers and graduates) and a thousand of technological entrepreneurs.


Hello friends ¿how are you?

Look what a beautiful poem for someone who has a few years on... I read it recently and I wondered if it would be good to share it with my readers, although younger than me, putting it in some photo frame, for some future time of your lives ....:

Please ... read this.



Dear friends of the informatics and the education: happy year!

I was almost at the end of the year, looking for the phrase that represented me, and I couldn`t find it.

As each of us, when these dates arrive, I wanted to say, in a few lines, something that expressed an elapsed time, an affection, a piece of advice.


Friends of the computing... ¿How are you..?

You know that, as any elderly person, one is trying to hide that condition with situations that don't show it as such; but of course, sometimes we cant deny ourselves to them, and so, at some time, years ago, with some friends, we created a forum called "40 Bit - Dinos and Dinas of Informatics in Argentina". (See the blog Http://bit40-dinos.blogspot.com/)

It was supposed to be the number 40, because it should be integrated for those who overcame more of that age in the activity: the issue is that today the group is composed for more than 150 dinosaurs, although it has as a condition “sine equanon": to have been part of that ineffable set of those who worked in computers, "before the advent of the PC."


My friends, ¿how are you...?

It is incredible: September is coming and soon, we will be at the end of the year.

I wonder. .. ¿How many purposes and goals did we draw at the beginning of the year, and how many we have left behind ...? Perhaps recently, we went on a path of personal projects that seemed achievable in this period, but ¿what happened to us…? Of course, perhaps this has not happened to all who are reading this, but surely to most of you.

Then I found it interesting to analyze together a why, and crumbling with you, if we are given the  necessary steps to obtain good results, with the quality that we deserved, in particular those which we are bound by training in the field of information technology, because sometimes it seems that the "system professionals" are the most reluctant, the most intricate to reach the milestones with solvency.


Friends of the computer, ¿how are you..?

As all imagine, I am a fervent defender of the technological innovation. The idea that, on the basis of this conception of work arise new ventures that ere transforming in business of technological type, has been accompanying me since 1985, when I was for the first time in charge of Systems Seminar, and ten years later, on charge of the course Final Project, in the race Engineering in Information Systems, of the beloved UTN Faculty Buenos Aires, an entity in which I graduated almost half a century ago.


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