When we started FUNDESCO in 2001 under the motto " Education in Technology and Technology in Education". We did it with the idea and the commitment to join goals and ideals of those - companies and individuals - who think that technology, is the important battering ram of change for the education of our country and region.
We consider necessary to convene all sectors that could bring their "know-how" for the sake of education of the commu

nity through modern technologies, and in order to decrease the gap generated between the countries of the first world and Latin America as a whole, trying to include socially to all sectors.
We define the knowledge society as an economic and social stadium, in which development activities are characterized by their ability to interconnect through a use of evolution of IT in a convergent manner, ubiquitous and instantaneous, and to generate access and share information. With education as a goal and with IT as an instrument, we believe feasible to achieve best stadiums with the continuous preaching and capsized therefore our effort in the support of the endeavors that contribute to achieve those purposes.
For these reasons, we constitute centers, institutes and programs, and with ideas, projects and innovation, we estimate to reach the objectives for the good of Argentina and the Latin America region.

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