National Technological University (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN)
Universidad CAECE
National Technological University, FacultyReg.Buenos Aires (specific)
Banking institutions
Banco Bisel S.A (Technical assistance) (specific) - Completed

Official and Educational Institutions
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, GCABA - in process
SEPYME, Secretariat for small and medium-sized enterprises - Completed
National Institute of Technical Education, INET - Completed
Higher Institute Our Lady of the Snows: Completed

Chambers and Associations
Business Chamber of Software and Computer Services CESSI
Argentina Chamber of Electronic Commerce, CACE
Camera Argentina Telecommunications, Computer, Control, Automation and Content CATYA
Argentina Association of Computer Users, USUARIA
Argentina Association of Leaders Systems, AADS
Computer Polo IT Buenos Aires
Argentine Museum Informatics Association
Argentine Circle of Professionals in Foreign Trade

Professional Colleges and other Institutions
Professional Council in Computer Science, CPCI
Legal software
CITEFA, Technological Research Institute of the AA FF
SYSTEM Training
Global Village S.A.
Mutual New Time

All these agreements are framework agreements and, in some specific cases, in order to carry out specific activities regular for FUNDESCO.

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